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Our goal is to help protect your Catalytic Converter from theft!  Currently available for the 2004 - 2020 Toyota Prius 

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Want to learn more? watch this short video

A great video to learn more about how and why thieves steal these Prius catalytic Converters. This video also gives you some of the steps you can take to protect yourself from thousands of dollars in repair work. 

Video courtesy of Muffler Tech located in Sacramento Ca.

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Toyota San Francisco Signs Exclusive Deal With Cat Security™

Additional Information

Toyota San Francisco Signs Exclusive Deal With Cat Security™ In The Battle Against Prius Catalytic Converter Theft

If you think all dealerships are the same, you are sadly mistaken. Here is how San Francisco Toyota is helping look out for the best interests of Toyota Prius owners.    

If you were to ask just about any Prius owner why they have chosen to drive one of the best eco-friendly cars ever made, I am sure most would tell you the same answer. “I bought the car to save money on driving costs.” 

It is no surprise that Prius owners know the value of the most reliable hybrid car on the planet. They also know that by driving a Prius, it helps keep the world we live in, cleaner for everyone. 

A Toyota Prius costs less to maintain, helping ease the demand for things like engine oil and gasoline. Prius is also a car that has incredibly low tailpipe emissions that contribute keep our air clean and breathable.

Owning a Prius will help you make a significant impact without doing something crazy like protesting cutting down trees. Smart people think about their long term impact on the environment and drive a Toyota Prius. 

How Does The Toyota Prius Keep Our Air Clean?
One way that Prius does such a great job at keeping the air clean is through the robust catalytic converter that Toyota engineered into the car. The converter takes harmful gasses and, through a reaction with the precious metals inside, changes them into less toxic vapors. 

The process is quite neat. Without these converters, we would be living in far worse times than we did in the ’70s during the “smog alert” days in California. Even eco-friendly cars like Prius still emit harmful “smog” and do pollute into the air, just far less. 

2004 - 2009 Toyota Prius Catalytic Converters

California, for many, is a very desirable place to live. The climate, the beaches, and sunny weather all make the state very appealing to people. Millions of people that all drive cars in the beautiful land. That means millions of pounds of CO2 are dumped into the air every day. 

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No signs of catalytic converter theft slowing down

The theft of catalytic converters is showing no signs of slowing down. We are now seeing a increase in states outside of California. 

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Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Protection Shield

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