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Stop Catalytic Converter Theft On Toyota Prius With This New Protective Shield


If you have not heard about the string catalytic converter thefts on Toyota Prius cars, trust me, it is real. Here is how one company is fighting back against the thieves.

Every Toyota Dealer Should Carry This Device For Your Toyota Prius


Catalytic converter theft on Toyota Prius is no joke. It is real. Here is how one company is fighting back and saving Toyota Prius owners thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

San Francisco Toyota Joins The Fight To Protect Prius Drivers From Catalytic Converter Theft


Toyota of San Fransisco has decided to take a stand against catalytic converter theft. They are working with a company named Cap City Muffler. Together they plan to keep the Prius crowd safe by using this new product, Cat Security.

Toyota Dealers Are Purchasing Hundreds Of Cat Security Shields To Protect Prius Owners


With the epidemic of catalytic converter theft climbing higher each day, Toyota dealers are investing in the solution. If you have a Toyota Prius you must read this article. 

San Francisco Toyota is proud to offer Cap City Muffler's Cat Security™ Plate.


San Francisco Toyota is proud to offer Cap City Muffler's Cat Security™ Plate. This aluminum plate is designed specifically for the 2004-2009 and 2010-2015 Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius Repair Shop Learns Why Cat Security Shield Is The Best Solution For Theft Prevention


After a failed attempt to help Prius customers with catalytic converter theft, this local hybrid shop is doing the right thing and fixing their mistake the right way. 

3 "Must-Haves" For Your Toyota Prius This Holiday Season


Out shopping on Black Friday? Be sure to take a look at these three products that are small investments in your Toyota Prius. They will keep you safe, and trouble-free for many miles to come.

Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Theft Soars As Palladium Becomes $2000 An Ounce


 I have written several articles on catalytic converter theft, and I have a feeling this one will not be my last. Here is what you need to know about the palladium price increase and how it will affect your Toyota Prius..

Toyota San Francisco Signs Exclusive Deal With Cat Security In The Battle Against Prius Catalytic


If you think all dealerships are the same, you are sadly mistaken. Here is how San Francisco Toyota is helping look out for the best interests of Toyota Prius owners. 

Toyota Prius Repair Facility In Portland Gets Blasted With Catalytic Converter Theft


Catalytic converter theft shows no signs of slowing if anything it is increasing. In Portland Oregon, a Prius repair shop is warning customers to protect themselves now before it is too late. 



Bay Area thieves going after catalytic converters again, here's how to protect yourself from becoming a victim

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How you can protect your cars from catalytic converter thefts