What Is Cat Security™

Simply put, Cat Security™, a robust aluminum plate that, once installed, provides a strong barrier against catalytic converter theft.

Thieves, in less than three minutes, can and will steal your catalytic converter. The worst part is, most of them make a clean getaway. What’s unfortunate, is you the owner, get stuck with the massive repair bill. 

The superiority of Cat Security™ is unlike any other product on the market. It’s patent-pending design,  is uniquely formed to your specific vehicle for maximum protection. 

Cat Security™ has captured the eyes of some of the most reputable Toyota dealerships in the nation and is now being carried by them. 


Catalytic converter protection shield

Catalytic converter protection shield

Main Features Of Cat Security™

* Utilizes the factory mounting points and adds in security hardware

(Security hardware prevents rapid removal and requires special tooling to be removed)

* Made from aluminum which is lighter than all other converter security types

* Strategically placed heat extraction holes allow for proper ventilation of the exhaust area.

* “CCM” logo is strategically placed for visual inspections while performing a SMOG check

* Corrosion-resistant

* No welding required


Top 5 Reasons To Purchase Cat Security™

  1. Save on the potential loss of time and money (insurance claims and vehicle downtime)
  2. Put your mind at ease (sleep well at night knowing your car is protected)
  3. Help put thieves out of business (stand up for a good cause)
  4. Improved underbody aerodynamics (may help improve fuel mileage)
  5. No rattling with properly done professional installation (unlike competitors products)